Subservicing. Simply Right For The Times.

Can you afford to absorb the risk and expense of servicing your mortgage loans in today’s regulatory environment? Think before saying yes. Most lenders never really calculate all of their direct and indirect servicing costs. And these expenses actually climb over the life of a loan – while servicing fees decline!

You can learn what’s working against your bottom line by taking a look at our Cost to Service Calculator. You’ll see why more mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, those that retain their servicing rights and those that release them – both regulated and non-regulated – rely on Midwest to reduce costs and minimize risk.

Subservicing with Midwest is THE best strategy to:

Reduce the cost compared to servicing in-house
Ensure 100% regulatory compliance: federal, state and investor
Easily handle HELOCs, escrows, ARMS etc….
Benefit from Leading edge technology

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“Our in-house servicing delivers the same per-loan cost to service as an outsourcing company, so we don’t need to bother.”
Our clients typically pay just approximately $81 per loan, per year, in subservicing costs. Lenders report that servicing mortgages in-house costs them an average $312 per loan per year – and they often fail to include many of the fixed and variable factors that make up a fully loaded per-loan cost!


“We would risk losing total control over our servicing portfolio, something we would never allow.”
We don’t take control of any lender’s portfolio. We do take on any and all of the day-to-day loan servicing tasks you ask us to. And our systems, processes and technologies are totally transparent. So you won’t relinquish one bit of control. On the contrary, you’ll gain a clearer picture of all that’s going on.


“Outsourcing companies will cross sell to our mortgage servicing customer base, and we don’t want that to happen.”
We will never cross sell anything to anyone. In other words, we do not compete with our clients. Period. If you’d like us to help market your products to your borrowers, however, we’ll gladly oblige.


“Our organization is the only one that really knows our customers, so we can do the servicing better than an outsourcing company can.” 
We take great care to understand the characteristics that make your borrowers unique. We build those nuances right into our servicing platform wherever applicable. This takes extra resources, but no worries. It’s another perk of our economies of scale.


We have a solid grasp of all state and federal compliance and regulatory matters. So, again, why outsource.”
Each year brings a flood of new rules and requirements. Knowing that failing to comply can literally force them out of business, lenders seek out Midwest because precise regulatory compliance goes into every process we build. We measure our performance to state, federal and industry requirements, as well as our best practice standards.

What to look for in  a subservicing partner:

  • Appreciation of your borrowers’ needs
  • NO cross-selling to your borrowers
  • Full commitment to subservicing
  • Licensing in the states you need them to be
  • Acceptable complaint and litigation record
  • Competitive pricing
  • Favorable GSE standings and ratings
  • Same customer service philosophy
  • Eagerness to give the attention you deserve